Grant us grace, O Lord, to desire you with our whole heart; that so desiring, we may seek and find you; and so finding, may love you; and so loving, may hate those sins from which you have delivered us; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Anselm of Canterbury (c. 1033-1109)

Lord Jesus Christ, you were there when the Spirit hovered over the waters at creation and you will be there when a new heaven and a new earth come into being.
You were there when we took our first breath and you will be there when we breathe our last.
You have begun a good work in us and you will continue that work to its completion, as we make ourselves available to you and to the work of your Spirit in us.
Thank you that there is nothing that has been, or is, or will be, in our lives or in the life of the world, which is not known to you or of concern to you.
Thank you that, because all things, past, present and future are in your hands, there is nothing in our past, present or future with which we cannot trust you. Amen.

Gill Newton, Sheffield District Chair