Reveal yourself to us, O God, in the fullness of your glory, that we may know you as the Creator of heaven and earth; embrace you as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and receive you as the lifegiving Spirit of purity and love. Amen.

Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560)

God of life, you enable the day to dawn and call us to imitate you.
Christ, born in a stable,
you are with us at our birth.
Christ, who worked as a carpenter,
you are with us in our work.
Christ, who excluded no one,
you are with us in all our friendships and dealings with people.
Christ, obedient in suffering,
you are with us in the testing times of our lives.
Christ, victorious in the face of opposition,
you give us life, hope and resurrection. Amen.

Richard Teal, Cumbria District Chair