Grant, O God, that we may be united to you and to our neighbour with an undivided love, serve you and your children with an undivided heart and reverence you and your creation with an undivided will, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

John Scotus Erigena (c. 819-877)

Jesus, first and last:
inspirer and initiator, completer and finisher,
thank you for all you begin and all you fulfil in our lives.
Just as for your people long ago,
when they journeyed from captivity to the promised land,
it’s the in-the-middle places that can test our faith the most.
How rare the signposts can be
and how large the roadblocks can loom.
Too easily we lose heart,
doubt our steps and wistfully look back.
Lord, in these times reassure us
of your company and give us confidence.
Keep us bold and strong,
trusting in the consistency of your love,
as revealed in your faithful journey
from cross through death to resurrection life. Amen.

Leslie Newton, Yorkshire North and East District Chair