O, blessed Jesus, immortal and victorious, by the sorrow you suffered when all the powers of your heart failed you; have mercy on us and help us. Come to us, in the hour of our darkness and in the day of our weakness, that laying hold of you in the glory of life, we may be enfolded with you in the light of eternity; for your own name’s sake. Amen.

Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373)

Faithful God,
we give thanks for the ways we encounter you in Jesus, the living Word:
     in the faces of those in need,
     in the faces of the ‘other’ from whom we often draw back,
     in moments of joy and in deep sadness.
In all these people and places we find you already there,
kneeling at our feet, ready to serve us.
Jesus, the first and the last,
help us to be your servant people,
carrying the rich treasures of our faith to friend and stranger.
Jesus, born of Mary,
may we be ready to see you where we least expect
and greet you with hopefulness and joy. Amen.

Andrew Wood, Southampton District Chair